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BrandPeople respects privacy and personal information and makes sure this information will be strictly confident. All information that is assembled by BrandPeople for the models, will be saved strictly confidentially and will not be lend out, rented or sold, or made public in any other way. All information procured by the model to BrandPeople, will be handled with care.


BrandPeople is eagerly willing to put in extra effort for its members. Therefore, BrandPeople will play a coaching and advisory role for its models and artists. However, this will be limited to tracks that are followed between the companies' own members and clients. This free service is therefore only possible for businesses related to possible jobs that BrandPeople books for its own members and clients. Jobs, affiliated by the model on a personal basis, are excluded from our service.

Relationship management

It should not need any explanation, undersigned needs to handle the relationship between the booking agency with care. Therefore, after working with a client which is brought to the model by the booking agency, it is prohibited for undersigned to accept bookings indirectly or directly from clients within a period of 18 months after the last booking, without written consent from BrandPeople. There will be no difference made between bookings that are paid or unpaid. When previously stated occurs, both the client and the model are obligated to pay at least once the total amount of money that should have been paid to BrandPeople when the agreement for the job was signed via BrandPeople.


Both involved persons on behalf of the client(s) as well as BrandPeople's Model(s) are obligated to have both a third party insurance (in The Netherlands W.A.) and a health insurance during agreed jobs.

Attendance obligation

The model is conscious about the fact that attendances for bookings is a business affair, and not a voluntary affair. BrandPeople will be forced to arrange a substitute. Due to the required extra effort and time pressure the agency will experience, BrandPeople wants to point out that non-attendance can only occur in desperate times.

A. The annulment of a booking is possible up until 7 working days before the booking date. In this case, no expenses will be charged. However, whenever a cancellation occurs within those 7 working days, the booking agency will charge extra costs for the extra time and effort that needs to be spent as a result of the annulment.

B. In case the model is ill or has personal issues at the time of the booking, and is not able to attend the booking on the specified place and time, there should be proof of a force majeure. This can be proved with a medical statement or another document/statement specifying the seriousness of the situation.


A. BrandPeople models should secure BrandPeople from all accountability, derived from the agreement, which (semi) governments as well as tax authorities will tend to relate to performed jobs.

B. Accidents caused by activities for BrandPeople that result in permanent invalidity or mortality of model(s) on their way to, on their way back or on location, do not fall under the accountability of BrandPeople, the Model(s), the client(s) or a third party.

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