Shot girls

Organizing a nice and extravagant party? Make sure to hire our shot girls as well! Our shot girls will wear a classy and outstanding costume, which is somewhat sexy as well. Not only will they provide your guests with free shots, but they will take a picture with your guests as well and will interact with them. Our shot girls will be the entertainers of your party and will make sure your guests will have an evening that they will never forget.

Book a shot girl?

Would you like to hire a shot girl for your event? Contact us and experience the added value of one or more shot girls at your party!

Work as a shot girl?

As a shot girl, you work at events providing the visitors with shots, whilst you are wearing a classy costume with a hint of sexiness. To work as a shot girl, it is important for you to be confident and spontaneous. People will regularly approach you and you should be able to deal with this. Our shot girls will be working at many different parties, in various costumes. Register at our Brand People Agency now if you would like to be the one to hand out shots and to be in the center of attention.