Models come in many categories, from high fashion model to hand model. Brand People models are not only available for fashion and modeling but also for beauty & lifestyle model jobs. In addition, we have a database of commercial faces for e.g. the website of the painters magazine but also for a fashion catalog with the latest fashion trends. We do not only place importance on the perfect length and size requirements, but we also have a plus size models file and a database with 'real' people (commercial talent). For us there is only one major important rule and that is reliability and professionalism in the workplace.

Are you looking for a particular type of model for an advertisement, attention or imaging of your product and/or services? Then we would like to assist with the casting of the perfect model, according to your needs. Check out our agency (database) and the way we work. > (link to methodology explanation). Ask for a free quote for your event or contact us for discussing a quotation.

Work as a model?

Would you like to work as a model? You came to the right place! Brand People is not just a casting agency for models, but we also cast other talents. Perform the test and find out for which job you can work as a model.

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