Grid girls

At Brand People we have a wide range of costumes and opportunities to style grid girls, as desired by the client. A grid girl can be found on the tracks. Grid girls are sometimes also called 'umbrella girls'. Grid girls are remarkably sexy and the audience usually likes to take pictures with a grid girl. Additionally, you have the possibility to for example hire one of our professional photographers. This way, all your visitors will be able to have their picture taken with our grid girls.

Looking for grid girls?

We have a large database of beautiful and enthusiastic grid girls. Our grid girls are professional and experienced on the tracks. We provide our grid girls, if desired, with matching grid girl workwear. We would love to hear what you are looking for, by filling in the quote form.

Interested in working as a grid girl?

Would you like to work on the race tracks and earn some money on the side as a real grid girl? We are always looking for spontaneous grid girls. If you think you would make a good grid girl, sign up  as a professional grid girl talent.