In the Netherlands, the Oktoberfest is a concept which is increasing in popularity as a theme or a party. These beer parties demand large mugs of beer, nice people, German music and a well filled beer pump. But, do not forget the Tiroler girls, or the beer babes! We offer beer babes that are considered to be the new Heidi, but different. Classy, somewhat sexy and traditionally dressed in a dirndl dress. A dress that, next to the beer babes, can be arranged by us.

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Are you organizing a Germen-themed evening soon and would you like to give your guests the best night of their life? Contact us for information about our possibilities and experience what we can do for you. Auf Wiedersehen!

Work as a beer babe?

Beer babes, or 'Tiroler girls' are popular entertainment models. We are constantly looking for fun and spontaneous beer babes. Does the Tiroler theme fit you like a glove, then we are looking for you! Register now and get more information about jobs during the well-known Oktoberfest season!

The Oktoberfest: a German (theme) party which is increasingly popular in the Netherlands. We all have seen the beer babes that belong to the party and are often dressed in so called dirndl dresses with long braids. As a beer babe, you get to be the new Heidi, but a classy one. Do you think it is fun to work at beer parties and give the visitors the best night of their life? Subscribe to our agency and maybe we will see you soon, with matching long braids!