Glamour models

For a glamour model, it all revolves around the beauty and the body of a model. Next to that we find it important for a glamour model to be capable of projecting herself in sexy and confident manner. Glamour models can be booked for nude shoots, but also for swim wear, lingerie or glamour-dress shoots. Furthermore, our glamour models are enthusiastic about the work they perform and are professional. Our glamour models are more than capable to follow instructions and listen to the photographer.  

Are you looking to book glamour models?

We have an extensive database of glamour models, which makes us able to find the perfect glamour model for your target group. Contact us about our glamour models or request a quote.

Work as a glamour model?

As a glamour model you decide yourself whether or not you would like to pose for nude shoots, so you will never be forced to do so! There is a wide offer of glamour model work, but it solely depends on you which jobs you like to take. Obviously, the more you are willing to do, the more jobs you will be provided as a glamour model. Are you interested in working as a glamour model and do you own a nice body and a some kind of 'sex-appeal'? Register now with Brand People!