Promotion services

Brand People has a unique number of friendly promoters. For a promotional action of a particular product or service, our promoters will work solo or in a team with other promoters. Promo teams are used inside as well as outdoor. Passersby will notice our Brand People promoters, that's a promise! They know exactly how to convince in a charismatic manner, and promote a product without bothering a prospect.

Promoters wanted!

Would you like to generate attention for your product or service in a fun and human way? Take a look at our various promotional opportunities.

Part-time job as promoter

Would you like to work as a promoter, sign up now for a spot in our database.

Our promotional services at a glance:

  • promo models
  • promo girls
  • demonstrators
  • sampling
  • tasting
  • flyering
  • field marketing
  • campagnes
  • guerilla marketing
  • instore demo's
  • product promotion