In store demos

During in-store demos, products are promoted with attention and love by our promoters. They will explain the concept of a product and let visitors taste a product. The target group is directly contacted by experienced and professional promoters, making them more inclined to listen and to believe in the product. Thanks to in-store promotions the target group can experience the product right away. This experience, along with the skills of our promoters will not only provide a positive in-store demo of the product, but will also ensure a lasting memory.

Looking for in-store promoters?

For all your in-store demonstrations please contact us, so that we can find the right people for your business. Turn your in-store demo into a success and please contact us or request a quote. Here at Brand People, you can choose the staff for your in store demo yourself. Have a look at our portfolio.

Working as a promoter for in-store demos?

Would you like to work for us as a promoter for in-store demonstrations or other promotional activities? Join us and who knows you'll soon become our new promoter.