There is no better way to get people enthusiastic about food than by letting them taste it. Through tasting, or trying a new product, target groups can be reached effectively and it is possible for them to instantly get acquainted with your new product. It is important however, that this tasting is properly supervised. That's why Brand People promoters don't just convince people to taste a product, they also know how to inform and excite people about the product. Choosing the right people for your sampling determines a lot about how your product is introduced.

Need staff for your promotional tasting?

For professional tastings, hire our tasting promoters. You can choose your own models from our catalog and request a quote for free. Allow our professionally trained staff members to showcase and promote your brands and products with true professionalism and knowledge about your products.

Promotional tasting jobs

We are looking for new staff to help us out with our promotional tastings. We require our personnel to have a certain understanding of consumer etiquette, professionalism and interaction. Do you think you have what it takes? Sign up for your own profile and updates about promotional tastings!