Commercial models

The work for commercial models is extremely varied. Because of this, commercial models can be recruited for various purposes; from a commercial for dog-food to a professional photo shoot for L'Oréal. Commercial models are also able to be deployed for commercials of the Bijenkorf, Otto or Wehkamp and possess a pleasant appearance. Commercial models have the typical 'girl next door' appearance, which makes it easier for the target group to identify with them.

Looking for commercial models?

Partially because of the appearance of 'the girl next door', we have a great database of commercial models. All of them are unique, why we are able to find a suitable commercial model for every purpose. Are you interested in booking a commercial model or would you like to receive more information about our commercial models? Do not hesitate to contact us or request a quote!

Work as a commercial model?

Do you want to become a model, but do you not meet the strict high fashion requirements? Do not worry, because working as a commercial model offers many opportunities. A female commercial model should have a height between 1.60m and 1.78m and should be 14 years or older. Male commercial models need to be between 1,74m and 1,90m high and should be aged 16 or up. Do you meet these requirements and do you think you got what it takes to become our new commercial model? Register now with Brand People!