Promo model

Our promo models will introduce your product or service to the public. Since no customer or product is the same, our models are trained to use different techniques for different products and audiences. A simple example: promoting a fashion brand requires a different technique than promoting an energy supplier. Brand People also understands that not every model is the same. Therefore we make sure we match the right models to the right target group and type of promotion.

Our promo models can perform various promotional activities, such as flyering, sampling, tasting and many more! Let us know your preferences, and we will think of a suitable solution.

Promo model wanted?

If you also want to impressively improve your company's brand awareness, contact us to learn more about our options or request a quote if you already know what you want.

Work as a promo model?

Do you want to work as a model and simultaneously promote products and/or companies? Do you have a representative appearance and are you an easy conversation starter? For various clients, we are always looking for enthusiastic promo models. If the above sounds like fun to you, feel free to sign up and who knows you might be our new promo model!