The catering and location are settled, the invitations have been sent and the staff has been hired. In short: your event is organized. Have you already thought of booking a steward? Stewards work independently and adequately and ensure that your guests feel welcome. A steward is the contact person for your guests. Working as a stewards or hostess means making guests feel welcome, assisting them and helpfully answer all their questions. Stewards have a lot of responsibility and need to be customer-friendly, which is why there are also training courses for becoming a steward. We are always looking for stewards and hostesses for different events throughout the country, from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Almere and other cities. Stewards can also work in a restaurant or in the hospitality industry, as well as as a receptionist and/or during company parties.

Vacancy for stewards

To work as a steward, it is important that you are proactive, verbally strong and welcoming. Stewards are the face of an event. Working as a steward or hostess requires a lot of responsibility and customer-friendliness. Stop looking any further for vacancies and come join us and work independently as a steward!

Hiring stewards?

Our stewards and hostesses are trained to work hard, be proactive and to have a customer-friendly attitude. Would you like to know more about what stewards could mean for you? Please feel free to contact us!