Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing means organizing unconventional marketing activities in order to, usually with little budget, attract the attention of a target group. Guerrilla marketing actions are characterized as striking and direct. Guerrilla marketing can be carried out in a number of ways, such as organizing stunts like flashmobs, which means people, on a busy location, spontaneously start dancing. This often goes hand in hand with flyering or stickering. There may also be tasting and sampling actions. Guerrilla marketing always happens on the streets. At Brand People we can help set up such a Guerrilla marketing campaign and we take care of the people to perform the action. A good action starts with an idea, and ends with the perfect execution. That is why we provide people who are promotional, experienced and have the right appearance.

Starting a guerrilla marketing campaign?

At Brand People we have dancers, promoters, hostesses, entertainment models and commercial models. We have an extensive database, so that we can provide the right people for each guerrilla marketing idea. Professional and representative, these are the characteristics of our models. Would you like to know more about our options for guerrilla marketing or would you like to book a model? Please feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities, or request a quote.

Working during a guerrilla marketing stunt?

Are you a dancer, a promoter or (entertainment) model? At Brand People you can sign up for different professions, because every guerrilla action requires different people. Register with us for free and who knows, you might be the person we are looking for!