Podium girl

A podium girl works at cycling competitions and can be booked for handing out flowers or receiving guests in the VIP section. This is why it is important for our podium girls to have a representative and beautiful appearance. Because a podium girl can also be deployed as a hostess, we require our girls to be social and hospitable. Our podium girls are a pleasant addition to a cycling competition and have an affinity with this as well. Informing your guests will therefore not be a problem for our podium girls.

Are you looking to book a podium girl?

A podium girl is a nice addition to a cycling competition and should therefore be definitely included! For booking a podium girl you can contact us or request a quote, so we can be of service to you as soon as possible.

Wanting to become a podium girl?

Do you have an affinity with the cycling sport, are you hospitable and above all representative? Register with Brand People now, and maybe you can be our new podium girl!