Product promotion

For obtaining an effective and efficient way of product promotion, it is important that the right people are deployed. You need to make sure your people are enthusiastic and convincing, so your product promotion will be a success. Therefore, we match the right promoter with your product promotions and we make sure that your product promotion has the intended effect.

Hire promotional staff from Brand People

Brand People supplies personnel for sales, exhibitions, conferences, events and other places your product could be promoted. Our promotions agency has event personnel in every major city in The Netherlands.

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For booking various promoters for your product promotion, or for more information concerning our product promotions, you can contact us or request a quote.

Work as a product promoter?

Would you like to contribute to making a product-promotion successful and do you think you have what it takes to convince people of the benefits of a product? Sign up now and who knows you might soon be working at product promotions!