Catwalk models

Catwalk models present clothing of retailers or designers. A catwalk model fulfills the role of style icon to the public, making it important that catwalk models have suppleness and a confident attitude. Ultimately, it is intended that the public sees how the clothing looks on the body, so they are convinced to purchase the clothing itself. Because not everyone is suitable for this, Brand People has a selection of catwalk models that are beautiful and graceful and have experience as a catwalk model.

Looking for catwalk models?

Finding a proper catwalk model can sometimes be tricky. To make your fashion show a lasting success, we provide the right catwalk models with the right look. For more information on our catwalk models or for booking a catwalk model, you can contact us or request a quote.

Become a catwalk model?

As a catwalk model, the clothing should fit perfectly. Therefore, it is often necessary that you are between 1.74 m and 1.80 m. Do you think you can meet the requirements of a catwalk model and would you like to become a catwalk model? Sign up now!