Haute couture model

Haute couture models are models who are deployed for showing collections of haute couturiers. However it is very difficult for a fashion designer to acquire the status of haute couturier, because they need to show 2 new collections per year and have at least 12 employees. Not only are their great expectations of the haute couturiers themselves, but there is also a lot expected from the haute couture model. This is why our haute couture models are well educated and why there only exists a small group which may call themselves haute couture models.

Book haute couture models?

We understand the strict requirements for haute couture models. This is why we only have haute couture models in our database who possess not only the experience, but also the potential. Do you wish to receive more information about our haute couture models? Contact us or request a free quote.

Work as a haute couture model!

There strict requirements on haute couture models. Women need to be between 1,74m and 1,80m tall and need to have a certain weight, in order for the clothes to look as perfect as possible. Because of the high and strict requirements, it is very important to take part in an education to become a haute couture model. Additionally, it is very difficult to find jobs within the haute couture market, since there are only few haute couturiers. Do you dream of a job as a haute couture model? Register now at Brand People!