Prêt-à-porter models

Prêt-à-porter models are responsible for showing prêt-à-porter clothing, otherwise known as ready-to-wear clothing. Prêt-à-porter clothes are usually seen as the more affordable version of haute couture, with normal sizes. Prêt-à-porter models are therefore responsible for showing major clothing brands for general audience like H&M and C&A. Also, there are a number of couturiers, like Dior & Chanel, who offer prêt-à-porter clothing. Our prêt-à-porter models are therefore able to be deployed for various couturiers and demonstrating conventional clothing sizes.

Book a Prêt-à-porter model?

Our prêt-à-porter models are trained to show garments in the most successful way to possible buyers, and are very professional. For booking our prêt-à-porter models, please contact us or request a quote.

Work as a Prêt-à-porter model?

There are less strict requirements set for prêt-à-porter models than, for instance, for haute couture models. This is why you are always welcome at Brand People, with various sizes and lengths. Next to this we offer a course for starting prêt-à-porter models, to educate you in how to show the clothes as perfect as possible. Do you desire to become a prêt-à-porter model? Register now at Brand People!