Fitting models

Fitting models are recruited to guarantee buyers of clothing items with a correct fit, by trying on the new collections of fashion companies and fashion-designers. Fitting models are female or male models who need to fit and show the new collections of fashion companies and designers. It is important for a fitting model to have the perfect proportions and sizes in a certain clothing size, in order to make the clothing look as perfect as possible. Our fitting models therefore have different sizes and appearances and are not obliged to be extremely skinny.

Looking for fitting models?

Our fitting models are able to be recruited as presenters of new collections, but can also welcome your guests while wearing these new clothes and perform hostess-, promotion- and sales-activities. Our fitting models are therefore multi-employable. Would you like to receive more information regarding our fitting models? Contact us now or request a quote.

Work as a fitting model?

Are you into fashion and does showing new collections as fitting model without even having to pose or walk the runway appeal to you? Register with us as a fitting model now!