Candy girl

As a candy girl, you will visit events to hand out different kinds of candy, while wearing an outstanding costume. You can think of real candy like lollipops and marshmallows, but you could be asked to hand out ice creams or fruit as well. Not only the candy will be in the spotlight, but you will be too. That is why you will wear an outstanding costume that will be somewhat sexy as well. Therefore, it is important for you, as a candy girl to have great confidence and to be spontaneous. The advantage of working as a candy girl is that you are providing people with free candy, whilst looking beautiful. You do not need to sell anything and you will be a nice addition to an event. Would you like to be a candy girl? Register at our agency and maybe you will be asked to shine in a beautiful candy girl costume soon!

Are you looking for candy girls to book?

When organizing an event, it is often attempted to create a lasting impression for the visitors. Therefore, it is needed to add a little extra to your event to make your event an success. Of course, there are many ways to do this, but one of the most likable manners is to book a candy girl. A candy girl hands out free candy at events. And well, let's be honest, everybody wants free candy, right? The candy girls do not necessarily need to hand out candy, but can be handing out fruit or ice creams as well. You can choose whatever they should hand out.

On top of that, it is nice to present our candy girls, who will be wearing outstanding costumes that are a somewhat sexy as well, next to a photo-wall. In this way, visitors can take a picture with our candy girls, so that our candy girls and your event will be a lasting memory. This photo wall, various costumes and more can be arranged by Brand People. That is why you should contact us and experience all the things we are able to arrange.