Exhibition centres with experienced hostesses

Brand People is experienced with organizing and in particular hosting exhibitions, expositions, fairs and shows. Because of our previous successes in multiple exhibition centres in the Netherlands, we provide fixed hostesses for multiple exhibition centres. Are you going to organize a conference, exhibition or another type of event in an exhibition centre in the Netherlands in the near future? Then you are probably looking for experienced hostesses to host your event as well. You made the right decision to come to Brand People!

Hostess at exhibition centre

Since our hostesses have plenty of experience, Brand People will provide a hostess that knows the way around at the exhibition centre very well. Whether it is the MECC in Maastricht, the Rai in Amsterdam or the IJsselhallen in Zwolle, our hostesses are trained on different locations! If you communicate the location of the exhibition or event you are organizing with us, we will make sure to match an experienced hostess of that particular location to your event!

Experienced hostesses throughout the Netherlands

The hostesses live and stay on short distance from the exhibition centre, so they can be on site quickly. Especially when you are hosting an event that lasts a couple of days, this is extremely convenient. We provide hostesses that you can trust and build on!

For more information about our work, exhibition centres in the Netherlands or a customized quote, feel free to contact us. We are, just like our hostesses, happy to help you!

*Do you have experience in any of our exhibition centres and would you like to work as a hostess with Brand People? Contact us for more information!

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